Yops sample bottles in different colors floating on top of a bright background
Two hands cheering with beer bottles in front of a sunset and a graphic layout


Visual Identity
Graphic Design

Art Direction


Logo design by Lazy Snail

Chances are you’ve tried non-alcoholic beer. And maybe you found it to be a somewhat flat experience compared to traditional beer. Brewers know the struggles of achieving consistent and satisfying results when brewing non-alcoholic beer. Much of the hoppy flavor can be lost in the brewing process, and it's important to choose ingredients that are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

Yops™ is here to change that. Yops™, short for 'hops from yeast,' offers a range of natural and environmentally friendly aromas for non-alcoholic beer, allowing us to achieve the great hoppy flavor and mouthfeel we love in beer. EvodiaBio, the company behind Yops™, has developed a unique technology that enables the production of key aromatic molecules through fermentation.

Yops™ needed a visual identity and packaging concept that would position them as innovators in the market with a premium product. The goal was to balance the natural with the scientific and showcase the playful creativity behind Yops™ we also know from craft brewing.

The design concept revolves around a natural and vivid color palette, complemented by minimalistic layouts that honor the technical aspects of the product. As a dynamic brand element, the typography is sometimes infused with playful and organic shapes, evoking the creative spirit of Yops™. An upscaled version of the logo is used as a watermark to enforce the brand and add dimension to layouts. 

Yops logo
Yops color system with flavour names
Dark haired woman hanging up poster with the Yops visual identity
Yops bottle design in purple on background with watermark
Yops bottle package label on top of image of bottle
Four hands toasting with beer bottles in front of blue sky
Graphic layout with watermark and text
Brewer putting caps on beer bottles with a graphic layout on top
Layout with Yops sample bottle
A bifold square flyer in purple illustrating and describing aromas
Yops samples bottles in different colors
Yops flavour catalogue cover on dark background
Flavour catalogue layouts in different colors spread out on dark background
Hands full of hop buds
Beer coaster on wooden surface with Yops logo printed on
Tap beer from top with a graphic layout
Yops logo stickers in multiple colors pasted all over beer bottle held up in hand





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